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Episode 14: The Accountability Blind Spot – Moving from Holding Others Accountable to Empowering Others Into Self-Accountability

May 7th, 2020|Leadership, Personal Leadership, Team Leadership|

Episode 14 - The Accountability Blind Spot: Moving From Holding Others Accountable to Empowering Others Into Self-AccountabilityIn this episode Craig Mathews and Jeff Nischwitz share ideas on the vital role that self-accountability plays in leadership, effectiveness, trust building

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Craig and Jeff co-founded Cardivera, the Leadership Development Ecosystem to Grow Your People, Grow Your Business, and Grow Your life. The Impact Leadership Podcast is a Cardivera channel.

Jeff Nischwitz


Jeff is a speaker, author, coach, and Chief SHIFT Officer of Cardivera


Craig Mathews


Craig is a strategist, maker, author, speaker, and CEO of Cardivera.


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